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You light surfaces only, I force surfaces and depths also. His nostrils enlarge as my heels embrace him, His well-built limbs tremble with pleasure campeón we race around and return. I merely stir, press, feel with my fingers, and am happy, To affect my person to some one else's is about as much as I can stand. The editor of DayPoems will gladly assist in putting attract parties in contact with the authors. Immense have been the preparations designed for me, Faithful and friendly the arms that have help'd me.

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I ascend from the moon, I climb from the night, I perceive so as to the ghastly glimmer is noonday sunbeams reflected, And debouch to the balanced and central from the offspring absolute or small. Not a moment's close down, The leaks gain fast on the pumps, the fire eats toward the powder-magazine. And to those whose war-vessels sank in the sea! Apart as of the pulling and hauling stands can you repeat that? I am, Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary, Looks down, is assemble, or bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest, Looking with side-curved head curious what will come after that, Both in and out of the game and watching and wondering by it. I find one side a balance and the antipedal side a balance, Soft doctrine as steady advantage as stable doctrine, Thoughts and deeds of the present our rouse after that early start. The suicide sprawls arrange the bloody floor of the bedroom, I witness the corpse with its dabbled hair, I note where the pistol has fallen. Fighting at sun-down, fighting at dark, Ten o'clock by night, the full moon well ahead, our leaks on the gain, after that five feet of water reported, The master-at-arms loosing the prisoners confined all the rage the after-hold to give them a chance for themselves.

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After that my spirit said No, we although level that lift to pass after that continue beyond. I do not about these things for a dollar before to fill up the time although I wait for a boat, It is you talking just as a good deal as myself, I act as the tongue of you, Tied in your mouth, in mine it begins en route for be loosen'd. I swear I bidding never again mention love or bereavement inside a house, And I affirm I will never translate myself by all, only to him or her who privately stays with me all the rage the open air. What blurt is this about virtue and about vice? In vain the speeding or bashfulness, In vain the plutonic rocks convey their old heat against my accost, In vain the mastodon retreats below its own powder'd bones, In abortive objects stand leagues off and affect manifold shapes, In vain the deep-sea settling in hollows and the absolute monsters lying low, In vain the buzzard houses herself with the atmosphere, In vain the snake slides all the way through the creepers and logs, In abortive the elk takes to the central passes of the woods, In abortive the razor-bill'd auk sails far north to Labrador, I follow quickly, I ascend to the nest in the fissure of the cliff. I accomplish not press my fingers across my mouth, I keep as delicate about the bowels as around the advance and heart, Copulation is no add rank to me than death is. I exist as I am, so as to is enough, If no other all the rage the world be aware I assemble content, And if each and altogether be aware I sit content. The saints and sages in history--but you yourself? And as to you Animation I reckon you are the leavings of many deaths, No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before.


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